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Explaining Reincarnation To Your Children


This opportunity couldn't come at a better time. I would like to know if you can help me figure out a way to explain reincarnation/rebirth to my children. My 7 year old son just about had a break down when we were talking about it. I try to only discuss things as they come up. My step father recently died and so the children were curious about what would happen with him. It wasn't death or the idea of dying that disturbed him. He was upset that he would be reborn to another mom and not me. And he was upset that he would be a part of another family. I tried to tell him that he would be very happy and would be a much better person and that that is our goal. But I don't know how to ease his mind about it now. Did I give him too much information? His 8 year old sister seems to deal so much better with the ideas and concepts that we discuss.

Thanks for any advice :)

Hi Stefanie,
Perhaps it was too much information. ;D

One suggestion is to present the idea of reincarnation as a family of souls. The idea being that when we come back that we “take turns” being mommy, daddy, son, daughter, brother or sister. In other words we always come back together in one way or another. This is overly simply but for a child it seems to work well. The introduction of these concepts and practices are best done when children are young so as they grow they are familiar with the parent’s orientation and their world view. The tricky part is finding the way to communicate with the individual child. As you found out, your daughter understood more easily and that may be because she is an older soul than your son. Your son may be the younger soul and “this world” view may take some getting use to so be gentle and read him closely.

Another aspect you may consider is males tend to be more mentally wired for detail and females for concepts. So your daughter is looking at it as an overall idea but your son is looking at it “how does it work”. He may trip on the details before he can find his way to the concept.

Blessings from the Well Worn Path -

The Crone