Ash, Birch and Willow Tradition

This Course of Study is designed for people who want to practice a complete system of Witchcraft. It is not a beginner's study course in Witchcraft.

The Course of Study offered to you is, in essence, an “outer-court” training period that can lead to initiation into the tradition. It consists of seven monthly lessons that introduce you to the core and central teachings of Ash, Birch and Willow (ABW). These include an overview of such topics as:

1 . The view and role of Deity
2 . The ritual structure of ABW (altar setup, circle casting, tools, etc)
3 . The seasonal rites
4 . The lunar rites
5 . Magical training and the Occult Arts
6 . Non-material realms of existence
7 . Spirits, faeries, and other beings
8 . Inner Mystery Teachings
9 . Ethics and codes of conduct

ABW is a religion and spiritual practice of Witchcraft that also includes a magical system. It is a system that is intimately linked to the living cycles of nature and the divine emanation therein. This course may be started at any time.

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